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Metro Forecasting Models
Metro Forecasting Models

Our People

Paul Van Buskirk

Chairman of the Board

Paul Van Buskirk, Ph.D., AICP, P.E., is the recipient of the Charles Evans Hughes Award from the American Society for Public Administration, for “courageous, resourceful, and imaginative work in municipal government and its future development.” Dr. Van Buskirk was featured, along with other alumni, on the cover of Rensselaer’s Catalog celebrating its 150th Anniversary as representative of its graduates applying engineering sciences to urban problems. His career as an engineer, city planner and urban modeler has spanned over four decades of service to cities, counties, states, and private developers throughout the U.S. and overseas.

Dr. Van Buskirk taught at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in the Urban and Environmental Studies Program and also was the co-author of several published studies on urban modeling. He has been a guest lecturer at Yale, St. Lawrence, and the University of Florida and is the author of a book on a case study of comprehensive physical, social, and economic planning. He has been designated as a fellow at the New York State Academy of Public Administration and a former member of the Development Regulations Council of the Urban Land Institute.

Dr. Van Buskirk is a licensed engineer in three states, a Charter Member of American Planning Association, and American Institute of Certified Planners. He is the author and designer of the Interactive Growth Model™, which is now the core forecasting engine utilized by Metro Forecasting Models. He received his undergraduate degree in engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and his Masters of Science and PhD from Barry University. He has been an adjunct at Barry University and Florida Gulf Coast University teaching statistics and statistics in planning.

David H. Farmer

Chief Executive Officer

David H. Farmer, AICP, PE, CGC is a nationally recognized Professional Engineer and Certified City Planner with extensive experience in real estate development, planning and civil engineering, modeling and infrastructure design and construction. David is our expert in housing demand analysis, commercial demand analysis, and land use allocation.

Farmer began his career in the land development industry in 1989 with an engineering firm designing commercial and residential projects for private clients. Farmer left the engineering field in 2000 to work full time for a land development company overseeing the project planning, entitlement, design and construction of residential communities, resort facilities, and commercial projects. Subsequent to earning his Certified General Contractors license, he accepted the additional responsibility for the permitting and construction of custom homes as well site selection and land acquisition.

Farmer’s development experience, urban planning and engineering background provide extensive knowledge and expertise to Metro Forecasting Models. His mathematical skills and understanding of population growth drivers provide Metro Forecasting Models with the judgment necessary to interpret the implications of the scientific forecasts.

Farmer has brokered more than $70 million in real estate transactions and entitled thousands of homes and millions of square feet of commercial property. David is the former Chairman of the SW Florida District Council for the Urban Land Institute and is a National Instructor for the Urban Land Institute (ULI).

Ned Price

Senior Data Analyst

Ned Price evaluates all primary and secondary databases for QA/QC before analysis is initiated on a study area. As our Senior Data Analyst, Ned compares multiple data sets for compliance to our high standards and identifies missing information to ensure Metro Forecasting has most accurate and complete quality data for our Interactive Growth Models. Ned manages our technician staff to assure data entered into our models for both baseline and build-out conditions are complete and accurate.

Sarah Kisner

Staff Planner

Sarah Kisner sources, inventories and collects community data for use in our forecasting models. Subsequent to her primary data research, Sarah uses linear regression to identify correlations of demand for specific land uses. She determines the current Level of Service for government facilities and commercial services. Sarah employs the collected data sets to analyze the spatial distribution of shopping centers, hotels, schools, parks, fire stations, libraries and police stations for our signature Facilities Planning process.

Gerald Lefebvre

Data Analyst

Gerald Lefebvre collects community planning data and researches planning regulations for use in build-out studies for our community models. Gerald reviews GIS data and aerial photography to determine various Levels of Service for vacant parcels in each study area. He also assists with QA/QC of model data and data entry.