Metro Forecasting Models
Metro Forecasting Models
Metro Forecasting Models
Metro Forecasting Models

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sigmoid Metro Forecasting model“...the sigmoid Metro Forecasting model is a complex variation of an extrapolation model and is more accurate than other methods forecasting short and long-term growth...”

Port Malabar Area Growth Model

Palm Bay, FL – The census count for the City of Palm Bay was 18,560 in 1980. The MFM forecasted in 1982 that the population in 2000 would be 82,331. The actual census count in 2000 was 79,413.
Port Malabar Area Growth Model, January 20, 1982

Northport, FL – In 1982 Northport, Florida utilized the Metro Forecasting Model (MFM) to predict population growth over the next 25 years. In 1980 the population was 6,350 and the MFM predicted a 2007 population of 57,452 and the 2010 census count was 57,350.
North Port Comprehensive Development and Growth management Plan, Volume Four, April 1982

Port Malabar Area Growth Model

APA AL“The City of Auburn….will receive the “Outstanding Planning Award for a Comprehensive Plan” for its CompPlan 2030…..Auburn Planning Department employs advanced modeling, via its Auburn Interactive Growth [Metro Forecasting] Model formally put in place in 2008….”
(City of Auburn Website – January 2012)

“In 2002 Paul Van Buskirk forecasted that the 2010 population of Cape Coral would hit 155,179 permanent residents…Van Buskirk had scored the equivalent of a demographic bull’s eye…Cape Coral population was 154,305 in 2010”
Gulf Coast Business Review, March 8, 2012

Auburn Villager“I found it to be most helpful in terms of thinking about growth, making determinations of when and where we’re going to grow and making sure we then manage that growth appropriately”
Auburn Villager, April 21, 2016

Port Malabar Area Growth Model

“The forecasting capability provided by the model ensures that the county complies with state consistency requirements” and “provides the county with the planning tools necessary to achieve a more sustainable model”
Planning Magazine, March 2009

“The model is still used for long-range planning for transportation, utilities and government buildings and public spaces for the rural area”
– Mike Bosi – Director of Planning and Zoning, Collier County

Naples Daily News, June 25, 2016

“This is as close to a crystal ball as you can get”
Florida Business Observer, May 27,2016