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Cape Coral Utility Expansion Project

This project is one example of work completed by our firm. See our Projects page for additional examples.

Cape Coral Utility Expansion Project

The City of Cape Coral uses detailed forecast data to prioritize utility extensions in developing residential areas.

As part of its Utility Expansion Project (UEP), the City of Cape Coral needed to understand which specific areas of the city are the most practical for extending municipal utilities. To prioritize utility extensions, Cape Coral Utilities needed to understand a few critical details: which areas were prime for fast residential development, and how “built-out” these areas already were. By planning to prioritize extensions in fast-growth areas, the utility department could plan for a faster rate of return on $1 billion of public investment.

The Interactive Growth Model® was the ideal planning tool to forecast future residential development and its relationship to buildout. The IGM is also ideal for connecting these relationships with the need for utilities: the IGM Utilities Submodel forecasts potable water and wastewater treatment demand in Millions of Gallons per Day (MGD).